EnergieVerbund Arena

The EnergieVerbund Arena represents one of the largest sports complexes in Saxony. Around 550.000 people visit the multiple facilities every season. The ice skating arena, which is used as location for speed skating events, concerts or others, is regarded as its beating heart. More than 4.400 visitors can be welcomed in the stadium with VIP area. Furthermore, the restaurant, the offices and locker rooms, the training and a modern ballgames gym as well as the ice rink belong to the facility. The EnergieVerbund Arena, as host venue of many international competitions, training ground for ice and ball sports or as an event location the center is a meeting spot for everyone – whether fan or athlete, whether young or old.

Short Track in Dresden

Christoph Schubert

Picture: Thorsten Bick

Short Track is a well-known sport in the city of Dresden. But before the competition could start, several construction measures are necessary. Next to the 160 windows around the ice field also the safety grids need to be removed to ensure modifications in the installation of boards. 36.000 liters of high-quality drinking water together with thousands of liters of paint create the highly praised ice, where the Chinese skater Wang Meng broke the 500m world record (42,597s) in 2013.